Talend Date format issue

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Talend Date format issue

Hello, I am trying set the date format while creating the metadata for an excel sheet, but I'm not able to find the correct format for the date of this type "06-DEC-15 PM". can u please help me in setting up the date format for this type.

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Re: Talend Date format issue


You can use format of dd-MMM-yy hh.mm.ss.nnnnnnnnn a for the date of this type "06-DEC-15 PM".



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Re: Talend Date format issue

hi @chaithrakb,

I see from your scenario that you are trying to add an excel sheet as a metadata onto your Talend Metadata repository. Well while adding metadata onto talend especially excel sheets you must be quite careful...the reason being when you view your data in the preview tab(Step 2 of Adding Metadata to repository) it will show in the format of timestamp with time zone... pls be advised... while you are in the last step of the metadata..while you are defining columns and their data-types.. pls define the date column to their certain format let it be "dd-mm-yyyy" or "yyyy-MM-dd" or etc....

and always pls check for the date format in the excel sheet as well...even though you have given a certain format say "dd-mm-yyyy" then pls define the same in the metadata as well.. if not you will face issues while transforming the data.

Pls reach out if anything is unclear.

Pls reach out the community,if in case you need anything.