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Talend Data Mapper - Does a Map Representation always require a row-element?

Hello everyone,

I am using tHMaps mainly to generate or parse JSON objects for or from a REST webservice. Oftentimes the counter part is a Map representation (Data ingetration column schema). The challenge I have is, that the Map representation requires a row-element underneath the root element. As a result I have to create two structures one for the Map representation, which requires the additional row-element and one for the JSON representation which cannot deal with the additional row-element as this does not correspond with the required structure.


I was wondering if there is a better way, as the approach with two structures will mulitply my metadata at least by two, which makes maintenance a lot harder?


I already tried to set the root-element as row-element in the structure's properties, but that did not work. Moreover, I tried to define the row element as "not visible group" but that only worked for the JSON representation but not for the Map representation. 


Any tips or hints are really much appreciated.