Talend Continuous Integration POM mistake?

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Talend Continuous Integration POM mistake?

I read and followed the instructions of the Talend Software Development Life Cycle 6.1.1 - Best Practices Guide (EN) and I'm afraid I cannot get it to work. It looks like Talend Command Line makes a mistake when it generates the POM XML files.
Let's recap the CI build & test procedure until the step where things go wrong:

Checkout from Git/SVN
CI Builder logs on to Talend Command Line
CI Builder lets Talend Command Line build the workspace - several pom.xml files are created in this step:
pom.xml - the master POM
pom_routines.xml - the POM for Java routines
pom_<testjobname>_<version>.xml - the POMs for unit tests
pom_<jobname>_<version>.xml - the POMs for the Talend jobs

In the master pom.xml file's <module> section, the POMs for the test job and the job are referenced without the version number - which makes the Continuous Integration process unable to finish. I would have to write a script which renames the POM files or fixes the master POM.
I'm afraid, I cannot see what I might have done wrong since I followed the Guide step by step. Unfortunately, the Guide is a bit unspecific at this very step. Has someone already setup a fully working Continuous Integration process and is able to give me some hints?
Thanks in advance!
Kind regards
Oliver Marienfeld

Re: Talend Continuous Integration POM mistake?

Hi Oliver Marienfeld,
Thanks for posting your issue here. We have reported your issue to our DOCT team then come back to you asap!
Best regards
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Re: Talend Continuous Integration POM mistake?

Hi Sabrina,
thanks very much for the reply! I have implemented a build task (for TFS 2015) as a workaround: The task aligns the <module> definitions in the master POM with the file name of the module's POMs. That makes it work for now.
Anyway, I'm very curious about any news on this from your DOCT team. (Besides, what does "DOCT" stand for? Smiley Happy)
Kind regards & a happy weekend
Oliver Marienfeld


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