Talend Connection Using Generic ODBC

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Talend Connection Using Generic ODBC

I am attempting to connect TOS to a Sybase SQL Anywhere database using the Generic ODBC DB Type. The SQL Anywhere database has been set up properly in ODBC, as can be seen in the screenshot.  Do I understand that if a data source can be set up in ODBC, it can be connected using the Generic ODBC DB Type in Talend?  I am getting a Connection Failure - You must change the Database Settings message.  Is there another way of accomplishing this?
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Re: Talend Connection Using Generic ODBC

A ODBC connection can be established using the Java ODBC bridge. This is a JDBC driver shipped with all Java runtimes and also with Talend.
If you want to create e.g. a connection use a tJDBCConnection component.
Set as 
URL: "jdbcSmiley Surpriseddbc:<your ODBC database name>"
Driver: "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"
User and password as needed.
At first you have to setup the ODBC connection in Windows.

Re: Talend Connection Using Generic ODBC

Is your ODBC well configured? Did you have the right Driver installed on your computer? This driver installed successfully should be listed in the Odbc Manager of your OS?
Is there any more error info when you click "Details" button?
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