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Talend Cloud connection to Salesforce Sandbox

In Talend Cloud Salesforce Connection, there are only limited options for connection. How can I have connection to SF Sandbox? What if I want to use different version of the SF API. I believe there should be option to change the SF connection URL. Like in Advance Setting of tSalesforceConnection component.
(see: )
Appreciate any pointers I can use here. Thanks in advance.

Re: Talend Cloud connection to Salesforce Sandbox

What's the current build version you are using? 
 We can't see the screenshot on our side. Could you attach it on the forum again, please? That would be great.
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Re: Talend Cloud connection to Salesforce Sandbox

Many thanks for your reply.
Reading more Talend Cloud, I understand that I will have to write my own source and target actions. I can then use context variables and have URL as parameter. I plan to do same.
Anyways, following is the version info of the target action I was trying to use.
Name: salesforce_target
Type: Target
Version: 2.0.3
Propagate: false
Path: SaaS/Salesforce/Actions
Origin: job
Talend Exchange Product: Talend Real-time Big Data Platform (ds_bd_dq_6.0.1.20150908_1633)
Compatibility version: 6.*