Talend Cloud - ELT using Remote Engine

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Talend Cloud - ELT using Remote Engine

Hi -


I have gone through the article 'Talend Integration Cloud - Architecture', I'm new to Talend and right now exploring Talend Open Studio, Cloud and Remote Engines.  I have a question here.


Does Talend Remote Engine support ELT ? 

  • Or ELT / ETL depends on how we design the job?
  • While using ELT, how do Talend internal functions are used (for example, a database might not support certain functions)

What is the difference between Talend Remote Engine and a normal Talend Server?

  • Is it both do the same job except remote engine works with the cloud platform to store the logs and job monitoring.

Does remote engine always associate with a Spark or it could be any other target database, say Redshift for example?


Can we have multiple remote engine architecture?

My sources:

on-premise 1: Postgres, Teradata

on-premise 2 (different network, placed in a different country): Netezza


Target: Snowflake


I want to know if I could install two different remote engines (one in my source network 1 and another in my source network2) and they should extract the data using ELT and send it to Snowflake and do all the processing in the snowflake database. Is it possible to get this setup? I did search the community and google in general, but I couldn't get much understanding on ELT using Remote Engines.


Attached my intended architecture diagram.  I would be extremely happy if you could help us in understanding this better. Or if you could point to some reference docs, that would be a great help too.





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Re: Talend Cloud - ELT using Remote Engine

One more -


While using ELT, do i need to ingest using specific ELT input components to the database where I want to do the processing?





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