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Talend Capabilities

I am a newbie to Talend and have the following question; I am using Talend Open Studio 3.2 on Windows.
- What are all the supported formats and norms of Talend during data transformation? ex: EDI, XML, Flat Files, csv files, databases etc
- What are all the supported platforms? ex: Linux or Any flavour of Unix?
- Do we have a document on performance indicating execution duration according to file size and structure?

Re: Talend Capabilities

Hi drs2009,
For your first question, I advise you to refer to the components list, which provides a good overview of all the supported files, databases, applications... You can also download the complete components list, with a description and a quick example for each of them in the Documentation page :
For your second question, basically Talend Open Studio supports a large range of OS (Windows 32 and 64, Linux, Mac...). Basically any OS where you can run Java should support TOS. I'm not sure though.
For your third question, I don't think there's a document like that, performance can really depend on a lot of things (your environment, the memory allocated, the components you are going to use...)
I hope I could answer some of your questions.