Talend Big Data + ESB

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Talend Big Data + ESB

I have Talend Open Studio for Big Data as well as ESB. I can design jobs using the components available in the palette in both the studio environments. However, I am not able to figure out how to use Big Data components along with ESB components. 
E.g. I want to expose my data from Apache Hadoop/Hbase over REST APIs. I am interested in using tHBaseInput from Big Data and tRESTRequest/tRESTReponse components from ESB together in a job. 
Can anybody help me out here?

Re: Talend Big Data + ESB


There is no an open studio with bigdata and ESB bundle.

Here is a subscription product:

Talend Real-time Big Data Platform: DI + DQ + ESB + TDM + BigData Batch + Big Data Streaming + iPaas 



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