Talend 7.1 to Neo4j 3.2

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Talend 7.1 to Neo4j 3.2


Trying to execute an automated load cipher with neo4j from a csv within Talend. Apparently the tNeo4jOutput component only supports 2.2 version of Neo4j and lower. So I tried using the tNeo4jRows and supports the higher version however the load is extremely slow and causing a bottleneck for Neo4j's loading speed capabilities. Is there a way I can modify the tNeo4jOutput java code to make the version compatible and leverage the full capabilities of Neo4j?


Thank you

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Re: Talend 7.1 to Neo4j 3.2

@gllan005 ,please find the below link to check the compatibility with Neo4j.



Manohar B

Re: Talend 7.1 to Neo4j 3.2


Here exists a jira issue on talend bug tracker:https://jira.talendforge.org/browse/TUP-20377

Let us know if it is what you are looking for.

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