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Talend 6 - Using JDBC Instead of ODBC

In Talend 5x, I was able to use the Generic ODBC connection to connect to an ODBC source (QuickBooks QODBC) - see above screenshot.  I was able to read and extract data fine from QuickBooks.
I see that Talend 6 doesn't have that ability to connect to Generic ODBC any longer. Can someone suggest a workaround or alternative to be able to connect to an ODBC source?  I see the JDBC connection - is there an example somewhere I can see if it will do the same thing?
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Re: Talend 6 - Using JDBC Instead of ODBC

Talend 6.x supports Java 8 and with Java 8 the ODBC bridge is gone. Thats why Talend cannot support ODBC anymore because java does not support ODBC. I highly appreciate this because ODBC was always a mess.
There are some commercial vendors providing JDBC drivers for databases which does not have a db vendor supported driver.