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Taking much time to load data to a flat file from Oracle.

Hi All,


    We are in a plan to move our project from existing Informatica to Talend. I have hands-on Informatica  but beginner in Talend. To perform a test run , I just installed Talend Open Studio 6.4.1 version in my local PC.

Few of our ETLs reads data(around  6.8 Millions) from a synonym from Oracle DB and writes to a flat file (around 2GB in size) without any transformations in between. It is just passthrough.

When I designed a job and running, it is taking much time to load. Attached file contains statistics when I use different components with different options. In Informatica,  it is taking 30 to 40 mins to load 6.8 Millions records data , but in Talend it is taking  30 mins to load 1 lakh records.

I need your expert advise how to improve performance and also please let me know if I am doing anything wrong.





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Re: Taking much time to load data to a flat file from Oracle.

You will need to give us more information. Can you take a screenshot of your Talend job and each of your component's config (for your input and output components at least). For DB components can you also post your advanced settings.
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