Tag(s) and/or Branch(es) are not visible in the Studio but are visible in the TAC's views


Tag(s) and Branch(es) are visible in the Talend Administrator Console and authorizations have been properly set, but they are not visible in the Studio's Connection Window or in the Branch management Window.



In the TAC's view named project, branches and tags have been created using the Branch management button.

The project has been associated with the user that is set for the project in the Studio's connection.




However, when launching the Studio and after defining a connection with the same user, the branch(es) and tag(s) do not appear in the pick-list.




When clicking on the Studio's Branch management icon, no tag or branch is displayed.





This behavior is triggered as the Studio does not handle SVN URLs that contain the word trunk twice.

  1. Create 2 projects:

    Project A with an SVN URL like:

          https:/ /tlnd.talend.com:447/svn/Support/TEST2

    Project B with a URL like:

          https:/ /tlnd.talend.com:447/svn/etl_dev/trunk/Support/TEST3

  2. Create tags and branches for each.

  3. Associate them with a valid user.

  4. Start a Studio: In the connection windows, you can see
    For TEST2, it is possible to select tags, branches.
    For TEST3, only the trunk is available.

  5. In the Connection window, select TEST3. In the Branch Management window, TEST3's tags and branches are not displayed

If we create a tag, it will be created in SVN but will not be visible. If you attempt to create a tag that already exists, you will get an error. A valid SVN URL should not contain the word "trunk" twice.


Related Jira Issues

TDI-31420 - The Studio does not handle well tags and branchs when svn url = http://.......svn/trunk/test/branch/PROJECT/tags/.. Closed

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