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[TOS] "invocation target exception" with odbc connection

Dear friends,
I have been using TOS 4.0 for 2 months now and I regularly encounter an annoying exception.
This time I don't know how to get rid of this...
I am using an odbc connection to connect to my database. I've registered it in my repository to make it easy. When I check the connection, it works.
I have selected the tables I want to work with (2 tables).
Then I created a new job, taking one of the two tables and linking it to a tlogRow (just to check it still works).
BUT at this time, I got this exception (in french) :
execution en erreur. Echec de la génération du code
I really don't know where it comes from...
So I really need your help !
I don't know if it can help but here is the image of the problem
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Re: [TOS] "invocation target exception" with odbc connection

reading this issue , I found more information even if the problem isn't solved yet...
in my workspace/metadata/.log, the last error in stack trace is this :
Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
at org.talend.designer.codegen.translators.databases.db_generic.TDBInputBeginJava$1DBInputBeginUtil.getDirverClassName(
at org.talend.designer.codegen.translators.databases.db_generic.TDBInputBeginJava$1DefaultDBInputUtil.createConnection(
at org.talend.designer.codegen.translators.databases.db_generic.TDBInputBeginJava.generate(
... 49 more
if I understand well, the problem is due to the size of my dbinput ?
Actually, my table has about 380 colums (!). I tried both :
- to select all the colums in my connection and then put it as a dbinput in a job
- to select just a few colums (about 20) and then put it as a dbinput in a job
But both gave me the same error...
Please help me ! I don't know what to do...
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Re: [TOS] "invocation target exception" with odbc connection

Here I am (again) with a bit more information :
I was curious to see if my problem occured in a previous version of Talend : actually NO !
If I try the same work on TOS V3.2.3 it works with both tables selected (with about 20 columns each)
If I bring this project (which was working on TOS V3.2.3) on TOS 4.0, it works for one table.
- if I try the other table with the same job (tdbinput + tlogrow) it gives me the error "execution en erreur. Echec de la génération du code "
Why does it work in a previous version and not on TOS 4.0 ?
Is it a BUG ?
The problem is : I use functions that seem to work only on TOS 4.0. (ex : StringHandling.EREPLACE(row1.DOC_AUTMORAL,"\f","")
What can I do ?
Thanks for your help