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TOS Data integration

What can I do if I want to transfer data from Sales force to Microsoft SQL after update in sales force table?


Can we transfer data from Sales force to Microsoft SQL and vice versa simultaneously?



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Re: TOS Data integration

As in... synchronize? as in .... realtime?
Elaborate please?!? What do you have in mind?

- Have a process trigger on the Salesforce environment which triggers a (talend) job to query and insert into mssql
- Have messageQ which salesforce produce updates to and have a consumer which read and ingest it into mssql
- schedule a job which check for updates every minute and ingest them into mssql

Everything is possible...
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Re: TOS Data integration

Actually, I have to perform the above task in TOS tool itself


Re: TOS Data integration



    Since you are using TOS, you will have to plan the scheduling part by another application. Now, to extract the updated Salesforce records, you can use tSalesforceGetUpdated component.


    Similarly you can extract the updated records from MSSQL also using the modified time stamp column of the source table. 


    In your case, you are looking for the data flow to happen from both sides. The Salesforce updated record will flow to MSSQL by above method but you need to make sure that the flow should not happen in the reverse mode for same record. Else it will end up in an infinite loop.


    This can be achieved if you are storing the last updated source system name in both areas. When you extract the delta records from MSSQL, you should avoid the records have source system name as Salesforce. Similarly when you extract from Salesforce, you should avoid the records having MSSQL as source.


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