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TOS DI 6.3.1 : problem with timestamp

Hello to all,  i have a problem with a copy of timestamp which truncates nanoseconds (,000000001 becomes ,000000000).    

Do you have an idea on this issue ? 

My data provide from Oracle 11g databases and I use TOS DI 6.3.1 (free tool).


Thanks in advance, 

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Re: TOS DI 6.3.1 : problem with timestamp



Can you give a little bit more details?

What datatype are you using to store these timestamps?

Which components are using?

Do you know the step in which the truncation occurs?

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Re: TOS DI 6.3.1 : problem with timestamp

More details  : 

I copy the same table between 2 Oracle databases : I use tOracleInput and tOracleOutput components. The 2 tables have the same structure. IN the Tmap, timestamps have date structure.


In my imput table I Have a Timestamp(9)  ; examples :    25/05/17 15:05:06,000000001     to      25/05/17 15:05:06,000000143


After my copy, the result is :  25/05/17 15:05:06,000000000    for all the lines in the output table. In fact , I lose the precision for the nanoseconds.