[TOS DI 6.0] tFileArchive java.io.IOException:This archive contains un

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[TOS DI 6.0] tFileArchive java.io.IOException:This archive contains un

Hi there,
In TOS DI 6.0 I wrote a Job that has several subjobs.
One of these Subjobs creates a large file (approx. 1 GB, but up to 30 GB) in a directory. Let's call it directory A.
On Subjob OK, the next subjob is executed which then uses a tFileList to locate that file in directory A and then it uses a tFileArchive to compress that file. (tFileList ---iterate---> tFileArchive)
However, when I execute that Job, I get an exception:
Exception in component tFileArchive_1
java.io.IOException: This archive contains unclosed entries.
        at org.apache.commons.compress.archivers.zip.ZipArchiveOutputStream.finish(ZipArchiveOutputStream.java:415)
        at org.apache.commons.compress.archivers.zip.ZipArchiveOutputStream.close(ZipArchiveOutputStream.java:808)
        at com.talend.compress.zip.Zip.doZip1(Zip.java:186)
        at com.talend.compress.zip.Zip.doZip(Zip.java:122)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tFileList_6Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:8828)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tWarn_18Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:6433)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tWarn_16Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:6330)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tWarn_15Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:3465)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tWarn_14Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:3348)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tWarn_10Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:3231)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tWarn_9Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:3102)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tFileList_4Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:2976)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tFileList_3Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:2661)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tWarn_7Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:2352)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tFileTouch_1Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:2237)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tFileTouch_2Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:2002)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tFileExist_2Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:1872)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tWarn_4Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:1766)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.tWarn_1Process(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:1651)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.runJobInTOS(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:12342)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_abc_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor_abc.runJob(xyz_Preprocessor_abc.java:12113)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor.tRunJob_1Process(xyz_Preprocessor.java:1563)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor.tWarn_1Process(xyz_Preprocessor.java:1432)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor.runJobInTOS(xyz_Preprocessor.java:2550)
        at xyz.xyz_preprocessor_0_1.xyz_Preprocessor.main(xyz_Preprocessor.java:2314)

What went wrong?

Re: [TOS DI 6.0] tFileArchive java.io.IOException:This archive contains un

Hi  Matt,
What does tFileArchive component setting look like? Can you upload your job design screenshots into forum?
Best regards
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Re: [TOS DI 6.0] tFileArchive java.io.IOException:This archive contains un

Sure, here are the screenshots.
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Re: [TOS DI 6.0] tFileArchive java.io.IOException:This archive contains un

Has this been resolved yet? I am having the same issue
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Re: [TOS DI 6.0] tFileArchive java.io.IOException:This archive contains un

I am using Talend Big Data Platform 6.1.1 and am trying to archive a file before uploading it to s3
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Re: [TOS DI 6.0] tFileArchive java.io.IOException:This archive contains un

Found a fix for my problem, the ZIP64 option should be on ALWAYS, not on AS NEEDED since it is a big file. archive file ended up being 568MB, so not sure from what size you need ZIP64 - ALWAYS, but that was my issue


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