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TOS_BD 6.4.1 > tSqoopImport > additional parameters not working

In TOS BD 6.4.1, i use tsqoopiport for importing Oracle tables to HDFS with sqoop.

As i want the striong to be encapsulated with ", i set in tsqoopimport component additional parameters : codegen.output.delimiters.field with ";"


Why the generated code is this :

                additionalProperties_tSqoopImport_1.put("codegen.output.delimiters.field", ""+";".codePointAt(0));  
                additionalProperties_tSqoopImport_1.put("codegen.output.delimiters.escape", ""+"\\".codePointAt(0));  

what is codePointAt ? and why the "" in the begining ?

can we modify the generated code permanently ?




Re: TOS_BD 6.4.1 > tSqoopImport > additional parameters not working


 It is impossible to edit the code generated for a Talend Job directly.

If you want to include your own Java code in a Job, use one of these methods:

  • Use a tJava, tJavaRow, or tJavaFlex component.
  • Create a routine by right-clicking Routines under Code in the Repository and then clicking Create routine.

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