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TOS 6.2.1 export job command

I am working with a plugin called talend-job-exporter that allows command exporting job in TOS
The project is apparently compatible with the tos 6.2.0 and  I attempted to make it work with the TOS 6.2.1
The  project make use of  the talend jar  org.talend.repository_6.2.0.20160510_1709.jar  included in TOS 6.2.0 plugins
but is not the same in the 6.2.1 version wich include org.talend.repository_6.2.1.20160704_1411.jar instead.
org.talend.repository.ui.wizards doesn't exist  in org.talend.repository_6.2.1.20160704_1411.jar anymore !
So I am wondering why is org.talend.repository.ui.wizards got deleted in the TOS 6.2.1 org.talend.repository jar ?
How can I make use of org.talend.repository_6.2.1.20160704_1411.jar to permit command  export job in TOS 6.2.1 ?
thanks a lot for your help.
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Re: TOS 6.2.1 export job command

Where do you find this plugin? The official export function for TOS is limited to studio only, you have to start up open studio and export the job script manually.
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Re: TOS 6.2.1 export job command

Hi Shong,
That's exactely what the plugin is meant to do, it starts talend without GUI (nosplash) and then call the export function.
I need to do it automatically in a continuous delivery environnement.
That's sad to have this feature only in TIS especially as it has to be a basic feature.