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TOS 6.1.1.: cCXFRS component RG example

Dear all,
I tried the "Scenario: Providing and consuming a REST service
using cCXFRS" from guide "Talend_ESB_MediationComponents_RG_6.1.1_EN.pdf" (chapter anout cCXFRS component, page num. 24) and it seems that doesn't work - I ended with exception "java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems: beans cannot be resolved to a type".

I missed something or it's bug or something is missing in the cBeanRegister component?
Thank you for advice


Re: TOS 6.1.1.: cCXFRS component RG example

Did you completely follow up the scenario document about:TalendHelpCenter:cCXFRS to set your job? Have you tried to re-open your route to see if it works?
Best regards
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Re: TOS 6.1.1.: cCXFRS component RG example

Hi Sabrina,
thanks for response. I tried to make whole section "Building the service provider Route".
Unfortunately, re-open route job or TOS doesn't work - the type error still appears.
Best regards