TIS : append data into parquet file

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TIS : append data into parquet file

I am using TIS Version: 6.2.1 .

I want to read data from Teradata and write it into HDFS (HDP v2.4, scoop > 1.4.6) with parquet file format
My first thought was to use tScoopImport component 
The problem is that the version of sqoop deployed in my cluster is 1.4.6 which is  buged and it doesn't support custom sql.
So I turned to parquet file :
I  created a spark job and  I used tFileOutputParquet that works juste fine but he didn't support appending data
to the same file even when I do set column partition ! 
So my question is :  How can I append data in a parquet file written in HDFS ?
Thanks you a lot dor your help.

Re: TIS : append data into parquet file

 Per TalendHelpCenter:Which big data formats are supported, parquet is not suppored on tSqoopImport
Could you please take a look at this jira issue:https://jira.talendforge.org/browse/TBD-3392 to see if the workaround is Ok with you?
Best regards
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