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[TDI 5.4.1] postgresql and numeric type

Hello ,
In my postgresql database , i have columns with numeric type , without precision
example : alt_max NUMERIC
When i execute a tPostgresqlOutput composant , i have this message :
Exception in component tPostgresqlOutput_1
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERREUR: la précision NUMERIC 131089 doit être comprise entre 1 et 1000
Position : 97
( precision NUMERIC must be between 1 and 1000)
How manage this type with Talend ?
Thanks in advance

Re: [TDI 5.4.1] postgresql and numeric type

Here is a related jira issue on Talend Bug Tracker, could you please have a look at it] to see if it is working with you?
Best regards
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