TCP/IP Connection failed

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TCP/IP Connection failed

Hello everybody, iam a beginner in Talend ESB.


I want to establish a TCP/IP connection to a Server. It's an RFID reader.

I have to send the reader an XML message via TCP / IP to a Host: "" and a Port: 10001.

The XML message is called HostGreetings.


After sending I have to get an answer. But that doesnt work.


My process is as follows:



In the first step i send the whole code via tFileDelimited to the tSocketOutput (Client). This is working.


The answer i can see only about wireshark i get one. But in Talend it does not show me.


Thats the mistake i get.


Does anybody know what i'm doing wrong?


Thanks in advance!!!!


Kind regards



Re: TCP/IP Connection failed

Are you sure using Socket Component is the right way?  Isn't this RFID Reader using an MQTT protocol?

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Re: TCP/IP Connection failed

Hello, no iam not sure if iam doing it right. I can set up the connection to RFID via XML interfaces or OPC UA.

I read something about mediation view with netty4 and mina2. But i dont know how it works.


I see the answer about Wireshark. Actually it works.

Only i cant get the answer!

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Re: TCP/IP Connection failed

But it is a TCP/IP connection of course

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