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TAC not replacing Mail_To with custom parameter

I am trying to figure out how to be able to control the Mail_To context variable from the Job Conductor within TAC. I insert the custom value and it never replaces the initial value. At first there were two emails in the database which we hold our context variables and those two emails always received mail when the job was run with TAC, even with the custom value set to active. I then tried deleting the initial values from the database hoping perhaps there might be some confusion but now it just errors due to no email address. It always seems to want to pull the database value. Would love to know if you have a solution for this.
Within the Log
Jblt_EM_Context_Load_1_jblt_context_load_1_tContextLoad_2 set key "Mail_To" with value ""
Exception in component Jblt_EM_Audit_Success_1_tSendMail_1
javax.mail.SendFailedException: No recipient addresses
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Re: TAC not replacing Mail_To with custom parameter

Which version are you using? Not sure it was a bug. Usually, to add a custom value for context variable from Job conductor by these steps:
1. Modify the value in Custom value column, by default, it is the same value as original value.
2. Check the Active box.
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