TAC execution plan: OnOk jobs on Parallel jobs

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TAC execution plan: OnOk jobs on Parallel jobs



I have to design an execution plan where when JOB A finishes we have to trigger JOB B and JOB C in parallel. Once JOB B finishes, trigger JOB B1 and when JOB C finishes, trigger JOB C1.

Adding JOB B and JOB C to run in parallel after JOB A finishes is a piece of cake but the trouble comes when I try to add JOB B1 as OnOk after JOB B and same for JOB C1 OnOk after JOB C.

Option "Add OnOk" on Insert After on parallel jobs JOB B and JOB C is disabled so I can't add anything there.


Any solutions or other ways to achieve this would be really appreciated :-)



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Re: TAC execution plan: OnOk jobs on Parallel jobs

Try using the Talend MetaServlet API to achieve this. I do something very similar to this using the Talend Runtime (ESB) to trigger jobs in TAC depending on certain realtime situations that occur. It is very easy to use (if you have experience with web service APIs) and you can easily call it using Talend's REST components. The MetaServlet is described here: https://help.talend.com/reader/rJGzSCBb8MvnaZHhs978KQ/PMoHeNdt5qac07VehVViDA


The other advantage to this approach is that it is not too far from what you would need to do to recreate this in Talend's cloud environment. So if you ever want to migrate, there will be a minimal change in code (just the API used).