TAC: Multiple instances of the job

I have the following questions related to the Job that is deployed and scheduled in the TAC.
1. If a job is scheduled to to run every 10 minutes, and if the 'Job instance 1' of the job is not yet completed the process even after 10 minutes then will the next instance of the same job starts after 10 minutes?.
2. Will the globaMap variables declared in the job gets shared across these two instances of the job?
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Re: TAC: Multiple instances of the job

1. NO, the scheduler of the TAC always handle tasks as singleton
2. NO, otherwise this would be a nightmare ;-)  It is a generally terrible design to share variables over multiple job instances which causes unpredictable behaviour.
If you want to run jobs in parallel you have to build a dedicated design. Start with a trigger+worker job design in which a trigger runs through the amount a work items (files, days etc) and calls a worker to do the processing for one workitem.
In this simple scenario you can establish parallel processing by using the parallel option in a iterate flow.