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TAC/Job Conductor fails to generate job

My question for all of the below information is
1) What should I check next in order to troubleshoot or fix this issue?
Talend Enterprise professional 5.1.2
Windows Server 2008 R2
TIS works correctly on my local system connecting to the TAC server. All jobs run successfully from inside TIS when ran locally.
SVN is functioning correctly. I can access SVN locally and from the TAC server via a web browser.
TIS successfully connects to SVN through the TAC server. Jobs check in/check out correctly.
Command Line is installed as a service. I can reach the service via browser, and via telnet on the TAC server.
TAC>Settings>Projects has one entry. "Check connection" succeeds.
TAC>Configuration>Command Line is correct and green.
TAC>Configuration>SVN is correct and green.
TAC>Configuration>Job Conductor is correct and green.
TAC>Conductor>Job Conductor has a single job that adds one row to a table. The job works correctly when ran locally in TIS. The status is "Ready to generate". When I click the generate button, the error status is "Connection to Generator failed (Command Line)
I have restarted the services multiple times. I have restarted the entire server twice. The message consistently suggests an authentication problem. However, SVN is working fine everywhere except when trying to generate the job injob conductor.
In the logs, this is the stack trace:
org.talend.administrator.common.exception.ProcessedException: org.talend.administrator.common.exception.SystemException: Failed to login to CommandLine : org.talend.commons.exception.PersistenceException: Cannot connect to project with url ''
at org.talend.repository.remoteprovider.RemoteRepositoryFactory.delegateBeforeLogon2(
at org.talend.repository.remoteprovider.RemoteRepositoryFactory.delegateBeforeLogon(
at org.talend.repository.remoteprovider.RemoteRepositoryFactory.beforeLogon(
at org.talend.core.repository.model.ProxyRepositoryFactory.logOnProject(
at org.talend.commandline.util.RepositoryHandler.logonProject(
at org.talend.commandline.command.CommandProcessor.logonProject(
at org.talend.commandline.command.CommandProcessorSwitch.caseLogonProjectCommand(
at org.talend.commandline.client.util.CommandAbstractSwitch.doSwitch(
at org.talend.commandline.command.CommandConsumer.executeCommand(
at org.talend.commandline.command.CommandConsumer.execute(
at org.talend.commandline.mode.ServerCommandLine$
at Source)
Caused by: org.talend.commons.exception.PersistenceException: org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: svn: Authentication required for '<>'
at org.talend.repository.svnprovider.SvnProjectUrlCheck.check(
at org.talend.repository.remoteprovider.RemoteRepositoryFactory.delegateBeforeLogon2(
... 11 more
Caused by: org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: svn: Authentication required for '<>'
at org.tigris.subversion.javahl.JavaHLObjectFactory.throwException(
at org.tmatesoft.svn.core.javahl.SVNClientImpl.throwException(
at org.talend.repository.svnprovider.SvnHandler.internalInfo(
... 13 more
Thank you
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Re: TAC/Job Conductor fails to generate job

We just had this issue on our Talend server. We found out that the on the Users tab in TAC, our first user had changed his password over the weekend and was no longer able to connect to SVN. Once he resolved the password/SVN connection, we were able to generate jobs correctly again.
Our conclusion is that TAC uses its own SVN connection (set at the project level) for everything except job generation - for job generation, it appears to use the first enabled user in the user list.
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Re: TAC/Job Conductor fails to generate job

To whom it may help :
I had exactly the same symtoms, during a migration on a new SVN platform. The generation worked correctly when the users not declared in SVN have been disabled in TAC.