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Support for AS400 Data Queue?

I am trying to find a component that will allow me to interact (listen and publish) with data queues on AS400. So far I found tMomInput which can only be configured for three ems providers: Websphere, Jboss and ActiveMQ and tJMSInput which is JMS oriented and cannot really be configured to access AS400 Data queue (at least I could not find a way to configure it Smiley Happy ).
Is there any other component that I can use to subscribe and publish to Data Queues on AS400 system? This can easily be done directly in java but I would like to use talend components as much as possible.
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Re: Support for AS400 Data Queue?

Hi Svetlana,
Could you please vote for this new feature jira issue:
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Re: Support for AS400 Data Queue?

Done. Thanks!