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SuiteCRM Updating Multiple Modules (accounts and accounts_cstm)

Be gentle with me please First post.
I've got Talend Installed 6.1 and I've got my source file a .csv File.  I've connected to that happily.
I've created a SugarCRM Connector to connect to suite.  I can login to that and see the modules.
But the data I have in my .csv updates the Accounts Module, and my customisations so accounts_cstm  so how do I update both modules.
I have my Metadata, and a tMap and Sugar connector.  But the Sugar connect only seems to allow connection to one module.
Is it as simple as I Create a Second Sugar connector, and drag a second line if possible from the same tMap one going to each Sugar Connector and this way I can use the second one to look at the second Module (well the customised table in accounts) So that I can see both. Or am I just missing completely some way of showing the Accounts module and the Accounts customisations in the one sugar connection. As it only seems to allow one drop down choice of module to connect to.
So I can see the standard accounts module and happily map to fields in that but I also need to update fields in accounts_cstm.
Thanks in advance for your help.... I'm very new at playing with this and am pretty pleased i've got this far but it's so close now to having it as i've got the data, I can see the database but as it's in two different tables i just cannot get my head around getting it to update both at once
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Re: SuiteCRM Updating Multiple Modules (accounts and accounts_cstm)

It looks like my fundametal way of doing it is right. which is one input file, a tMap and then two tSugarCRMOutput Connectors.
The first SugarOutput connect goes to Accounts and that can read the schema and is great.
1: The second SugarOuput will be going to the Accounts cstm file.  This is the problem when i do Custom Module it asks for module and then custom module name.  I don't know what these are and when i view the schema it is always blank.  So I have tried Accounts in upper and lowercase in the Cutom Module Package Name, and accounts_cstm as the Custome Module name as that is the name of the table when i open a connection to it within LibreOffice Base. 
2: Will I see the schema if I get it right or will I never see the schema and have to add each row manually? 
If anyone has done 1: before and knows what details to put in there, then that's pretty much what i'm after. 
If I don't see the schema that's not to bad just having to create them as long as I know that i'm actually connecting to the right module, it would be lovely to see the fields so I know i'm updating the right thing.