SubJob passing data to parent

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SubJob passing data to parent

I need to send data from a child subjob to the main job. I followed the example below which works correctly.


However, in the example, the main job start by calling the child job, then log the returns. Pretty straight forward, but it works. In my case, I have to do come operations before calling the subjob. The problem is as soon as there is a component before my tRunJob, the data from the child job is not returned to my main job. For exemple, I added a tRowGenerator at the start of my job, the compoenent generate a single row then call my subjob. It seems like tRunJob is not working when this component is not the one initiating the data flow.


See attachmentfor details



Re: SubJob passing data to parent


What does your child job look like? Could you please also post your child job work flow screenshot on forum?

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