Streaming data to JSON File!

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Streaming data to JSON File!

Hello, so I am streaming some json data into a txt file. I later read the data from the text file using a tFileInputJSON in order to read only all the json objects inside a json array which is inside a json object and I pass this to a tFileOutputJSON. This process works however when I do so, I get some special character for "/". That is when a string contains "/" in the json data that is being streamed into the text, when I read the json data from the tFileOutputJson, i get "\/". How can I fix this?!!


Here is a better illustration:

The data streaming in is of the form:


"r": {

         "s": [ {"Level":3,

                      "url": "",

                      "text": "hello world",

                      "Class": 3







Essentially I only want the data inside the json array "s". So, in my tFileInputJSON, I read the text file which the json data was streamed to and I run the Loop json query as: "$.r.s[*]"

and I am able to get the required data and send it to tFileOutputJson. However, when I look at the text in tFileOutputJson, I get the following:


[ {"Level":3,

    "url": "https:\/\/",

    "text": "hello world",




So if looking at the url value, I get "\/\/" instead of "//". How can I fix this?!! and why is this happening?


Also if you look at the json data I am trying to stream in, there is key named: "Class" that I also want to take in. I defined it in my schema when linking the tFileInputJson to tFileOutputJson, however, I get an error saying "Class" is a reserved Java keyword. Then, how can I pass the "Class": into my tFileOutputJson?

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Re: Streaming data to JSON File!

Hi sai06kiran 


I read the input data and print the URL on the console, I can see the value is right. Can you use a tLogRow after tFileInputJson to see if the value is extracted correctly?


Talend Studio is a Java code generator, class is a reserved word in Java, so it can not be a column name. 

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