Streaming Rest API call with Talend

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Streaming Rest API call with Talend



I'm testing a Streaming rest service using talend tRest component. My sample request payload will be like this


"id" : "someId",

"records":[ {   "a1":"data1"},{ "a1":"data2"}]


I want to know, is there any talend rest client component which support streaming API call. it seems tRest component waits till all the array which is sent over payload is processing to write the response to the response connection. I also tried with tRestClient, but there I could not Map the array of objects using tXmlMap. that means

i tried to generate 

"records":[ { "a1":"data1"},{ "a1":"data2"}]

but actually got:

"records":"[ { "a1":"data1" }, { "a1":"data2"}]


can anyone give any solution? Thank you


Re: Streaming Rest API call with Talend


Could you please post your job design screenshots into forum which will be helpful for to understand your current situation?

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