Streaming DATBASE tables in real-time to Kafka

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Streaming DATBASE tables in real-time to Kafka



I'm looking for creating a realtime streaming job to get data from SQL Server data base and then push it to Kafka with Talend,

I'm using a TMap to join logFile with SQLQERVER database to get the new rows updated or added but I dont know if I can loop over this subjob.



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Re: Streaming DATBASE tables in real-time to Kafka

sure You can run job in loop, for example tLoop


but the way which You choose - most wrong from all possible!!!


before compare in tMap Talend must load all data from server, so Your job would read more and more and more data and regular


depending from real SQL Server loading, You could choose:

- triggers for create log table 

- define created_at, updated_at columns for read new and updated data only from last iteration (+ trigger for deleted)

- You can check internet about SQL Server CDC ... or SQL Server CDC to Kafka





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