Stats and Logs - On database - error

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Stats and Logs - On database - error

I have a job that inserts data from sql server to mysql. I have set the project settings as - 
Have checked the check box for - Use statistics(tStatCatcher), Use logs (tLogcatcher), Use volumentrics (tflowmetercatcher)4
Have selected 'On Databases'. And put in the table names (stats_table,logs_table,flowmeter_table) as well. These tables were created before. The schema of these tables were determined using tcreatetable component.
The problem is when I run the job, data is inserted in the stats_table but not in flowmeter_table
My job is as follows
tmssInput -->tmap --> tmysqoutput. 
I have not included tstatcatcher,tlogcatcher,tflowmetercatcher. The stats and logs for this job are taken from the project settings.
My question - Why is there no data entered in flowmeter_table? Should I include  tStatCatcher , tlogcatcher and tflowmetercatcher  explicitly in the job for it to run fine?
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Re: Stats and Logs - On database - error


The flowmeter_table will record the number of rows processed in the defined flow(prerequisite: you should use tflowmeter component in your workflow)

The design looks like:tmssInput -->tmap -->tflowmeter--> tmysqloutput


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