Spring Boot-based Microservice: running a Route as a service provider with HTTP Basic Authentication


How do I run a Spring Boot Route with a cCXF provider secured with HTTP Basic Authentication?



If a Route is a web service provider, and Authentication with HTTP Basic is enabled on the cCXF component, then specify the user/password to be used when calling this service with the Spring Boot parameters security.user.name and security.user.password.

java -jar ArchiveFileName.jar --security.user.name=USERNAME --security.user.password=PASSWORD

For example:

java -jar myServiceRoute_0.1.jar --security.user.name=myUser1 --security.user.password=secret



  • Ensure the "Address" of the cCXF provider is set with a relative path, not a full HTTP URL (for example /testMe).


  • When calling the service, add /services/ to the HTTP URL, for example:

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