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Spooling n-Records before Executing a Post Using tRest

TLDR: I need to spool 100 records from a larger file and then execute a post against my API using tRest.


I have been trying to figure out how I would execute this scenario:

     Currently I am posting 1 record as a Post to my tRest component using an iterate connector, the service returns the response and I continue processing.

What I need to do is post as many as 100 records to the API in a chunked fashion from the source file (250K lines), I need to spool up to 100 records then post them. 


Current Flow

File Input (500K Lines) --> tMap -->Iterate --->tRest (post single) --> tHashOutPut (to Store response)


Future Flow

File Input (500K Lines) --> tMap -->Spool-100-Lines --->tRest (post array of 100) --> tHashOutPut (to Store response)






Carolus Holman
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