Split csv into many xml

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Split csv into many xml


I have a csv file and I need to create separate xml files for each row, name of each xml file should match to the value of some column in csv.

Sounds easy but I cannot figured out how to do it...


I've made following job and in tFileOutputXML component I selected "Split output in several files" and "Rows in each output file - 1":




I try to use "row1.columnName" as a file name in tFileOutputXML but it doesnt work - files named as null1.xml, null2.xml, etc. As I understad this is because Output component is initialized once at the beginning of the job, when no data read from csv yet.


How can I acheeve what I need?

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Re: Split csv into many xml


That's because output files are opened when subjob starts.

Use the following design:



tFlowToIterate transform each field of the current row to a global variable.

The "iterate" connection trnasform the flow to an iteration (for simple, you may consider it like a separate subjob).

tFixedFlowInput start a new flow using the global variables to initialize the fields, like this:


This flow is pushed to tFileOutputXML where you can reuse the global which contained the file name like this:



Hope this heps.


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Re: Split csv into many xml



Thanks, thats works (I suspected something like this). But this solution has an inconvenience because I need to maintain not only the schema which I can put in repository, but also a tFixedFlowInput component mapping where I need to map each column to corresponding global value... This looks like a tautology - column1 = (String)globalMap.get("row1.column1"). And the same for all columns,  there are many....


Is there any solution for that?