Split big data into multiple worksheets [tFileOutputExcel]

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Split big data into multiple worksheets [tFileOutputExcel]

As I understand the forum at talendforge.org is dead, I would like to go further on the topic here:




@jlolling - I did re-install the components and now I get the following error:


de.jlo cannot be resolved to a type


[Is there a way to add a picture to the thread???]


What is the suggestion now?





Re: Split big data into multiple worksheets [tFileOutputExcel]


Can you upload  your screenshot into forum by clicking "browse" or "Insert photos"?

Let us know if it is Ok with you.

In this thread (https://www.talendforge.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=48635), the question posted was "I got this error using tFileExcelSheetOutput and not able to set the Sheet Name.
The method getTargetSheetName() is undefined for the type SpreadsheetOutput".

Can you install these custom components into studio successfully?

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Re: Split big data into multiple worksheets [tFileOutputExcel]

dejlo cannot be resolved to a type CODE.jpgdejlo cannot be resolved to a type.jpg

Hi, sorry - I got confused with the new community - but still I suggest considering the possibility to add screenshots without need to save them first (or I still didn't search for that option thoroughly enoughSmiley Happy


It seems like the components are correctly installed this time - or at least I suppose so as the error message has changed since the last time I posted on talendforge.

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