Specifying a keystore file of a tFTPConnection with FTPS support


When configuring a tFTPConnection component with FTPS, you need to specify the Keystore File parameter. What should be included in this keystore?



This is actually the TrustStore, which should contain the CA certificate of your FTP Server.

  1. Request this CA certificate from the FTP server administrator.
  2. Create a new (or use an existing) TrustStore file, and import this CA certificate.

    You can use keytool (provided by JDK/JRE) to do this:

    keytool -import -file your_ftp_server_certificate.crt -keystore myTrustStore.jks
  3. Set the path of the myTrustStore.jks file in the tFTPConnection component's Keystore File parameter.


For more info about keytool -import, see the Import the Certificate as a Trusted Certificate page on the Oracle Java Tutorials site.

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