Special Character issue in Talend

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Special Character issue in Talend

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 I developed a job in talend which loads data into specific tables from excel and excel has some % values in it.But while loading the data into it DB, if data has special characters (%,- )in some field like Amount  , the actual amount is converting to zero.Could you please help how to solve this?

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Re: Special Character issue in Talend

Seems these fields are string datatype (else, how can they contain something else than digits?)
What is the datatype on database side?
Do you have any before insert trigger for the target table?

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Re: Special Character issue in Talend

Can you confirm the excel-sheet and DB table data type for these amount and actual amount fields?

In general if you have string data type for excel and in DB you are using nvarchar, it will not show any zero amount or blank value.



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