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Spark Streaming using MQTT

I am working to connect  RabbitMQ through Spark Streaming MQTT component. I am using the below broker url

"ampq://usernameSmiley Tongueassword@hostname:5672/" and I have also tried using the vHost after the url but getting an error that URL is incorrect. Could you please tell me as I am using the correct URL or any jar files to be set.


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Re: Spark Streaming using MQTT

what component are You use?


5672 - it is amqp port

MQTT (even in Rabbit) use 1883

if You have RabbitMQ setup with AMQP, and try to use tMQQTInput for this, it is wrong

You at least need enable MQTT plugin on RabbitMQ and use proper URI for MQTT

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Re: Spark Streaming using MQTT

Thanks. How the URL looks like for MQTT and also how can i check whether the pulgin is enalbled. Could you please suggest. I have username/password and vhost , routingkey, and exchange.