Spark Configuration connecting to DataStax Spark

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Spark Configuration connecting to DataStax Spark

In my project, we have a requirement to run Talend Big Data Jobs in DataStax Spark Environment. As it is a ec2 machine, I am using the "custom-unsupported" option with Standalone Mode. I have imported the related jar files and added the spark host url. But still facing issues with the connectivity. Could you please let me know the steps to connect to DataStax and run the jobs.



Re: Spark Configuration connecting to DataStax Spark


Could you please let us know on which talend build version you got this issue?

As we known that, Datastax ship Spark with their Cassandra platform. Are you able to extract table from Cassandra to DSEFS (Datastax HDFS implementation)?

So far, Talend studio doesn't officially support a DataStax cluster.

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Re: Spark Configuration connecting to DataStax Spark

Thanks for replying.  We are using Talend 6.4 version and we are able to connect Datasax and retriving the tables and loading to DSE cassandra. Here, we have to execute the Talend Jobs in DSE SPark. Could you please help me to resolve it.

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