Sorting data in column

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Sorting data in column

I am getting the output as 



But i want to data to be displayed as 



Its basically the ORDER BY - ProviderID, but i am not getting the desired result. Below is the graph flow.


InputDB-->tMAp-->tAggregaterow-->tSortRow-->tMap-->Output DB


Issue example :- if you see the first images row 1 and 11, its for same ProviderID, i am expecting the data of row 11 to be followed by row 1 but its not happening, please suggest

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Re: Sorting data in column



are you ordering it by providerid alone or you also took measureid into the ordering process as your second picture seem to be ordered by it as well.


Kind regards,


Patrick Gornig


mayato GmbH

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Re: Sorting data in column

in tSortRow i gave only ProviderID to display in ASC order. No other field

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Re: Sorting data in column

Is it possible to upload a screenshot of the schema details from the input- and sort-component?

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Re: Sorting data in column

Please find the attached, 



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