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SocketTimeoutException at tRestClient

Hello everyone!


I'm a beginer at Talend and I'm having some trouble with the tRestClient ReadTimeOut.

The problem is: When the tRestClient requires a certain amount of data, it transfer it without any issues, but when I try to transfer a bigger amount of data, I get a SocketTimeoutException.

I found a field at the Advanced Settings of tRestClient that defines the Receive Timeout in seconds, but aparently, it only works for the studio enviromment.


Is there a way that I could increase this Receive Timeout? I searched for it and I found some people saying to configure the Runtime but I don't even use it...

I'm sorry if it sounds stupid, but I'm really stucked in this one.


* I'm using Talend Open Studio for Data Integration 6.4.1.




Re: SocketTimeoutException at tRestClient


Talend runtime feature will be available in talend ESB solution not data integration product.

Do you want to run your trestclient job outof studio?

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