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Snowflake upsert issue

Looks like snowflake upsert is not supported on multiple columns and currently it allows only one column. Is there any alternate?


Re: Snowflake upsert issue


The Upsert operation allows you to merge data in a Snowflake table based on the data that is incoming to tSnowflakeOutput. After selecting Upsert, select the column to be used as the join key of this operation.

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Re: Snowflake upsert issue

Thank you.   It does not support multiple keys (multiple columns) to join.  It just allows to pick only one key, how do I multi select the join columns.

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Re: Snowflake upsert issue

I created a Hashkey from the unique column index. Like  (OrderNumber + OrderDate + PO_NUmber). I then insert this as my Key Column, it is only used for Upserts, not for referential integrity.


I also wrote a Hashing Routine Using either a SHA-1 Hash or a SHA256 to prevent collisions. I am still in testing but it seems to be working.


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