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Slow performance of tOracleInput

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to figure out why I'm having a performance issue wth the tOracleInput component.

The job looks like this:
tOracleInput --> tMap(with one small lookup) -->tMap(with a really small lookup) --> tOracleOutputBulkExec
The tOracleInput read rates is at 34 rows / s and considering that I have about 9 millions rows to read it will take a while...
The options I have checked:
- tOracleInput Use Cursors for 20 000 rows
On the tMap I tried to store the data on the disk without any success.
I also launch the job from the TAC with a 10gb min memory so memory is not an issue.
On the database I gathered the stats on both schema and in the job I am using a single connection. Anyone have any idea ?

Re: Slow performance of tOracleInput

try eliminating all the possilbe issues by setting up a job with just the following:
leave the tJavaRow empty and run the job to see how fast you can retrieve data.
If you're still seeing 34r/s then the issue is most likely in your DB/network layer.
If it speeds up a ton, then check the tmap lookup model (having it set to reload each row could cause the issue)
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Re: Slow performance of tOracleInput

Thanks, after further investigation it seems that the problem is on the DB side.