Slow execution of talend job

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Slow execution of talend job

How to speed up the execution time of talend job? Currently the below flow is taking more than 20min. Please suggest.




Note: Excel has macros/formula in more than 10 sheets.

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Re: Slow execution of talend job

Hi Syed,


Usually writing data to Excel with multiple sheets will take time as creating new sheet will actually recreate the complete excel per every new sheet, some time job will fail as well, if the excel has more tabs, break it in to multiple excel books, 


EX: Excel Book 1 with Sheet A,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i. you can create Excel Book 1 with Sheets a,b,c and Excel Book 2 with sheets d,e,f and Excel book 3 with sheets g,h,i based on your data volume.