Single ETL for different database

Actually our Main application is a Hospital management and supports backend database like Oracle, SQL server, mySQl and Sybase. We are using the Hibernate framework to make this work. So it is obvious that the schema is same for all these Databases.
Now for Analytical purpose the requirement is to create a single ETL design which works on all of these Source Database and load Data to target Analytics DB. I have target analytics DB serperately.
That is why I was searching for some Input/Output component which can help me to create a common ETL design for processing on different database(Oracle, MSSQL, mySQL etc..), values for which can be set through Context file.
For example if I need to execute this ETL on Oracle I can set Oracle Database properties in the context file.
Similarly for SQL server i can set SQL server properties in the context.
So the major concern is, NOT to maintain seperate projects and individual codeline with respect to different Database.
Kindly let me know how to achieve my Task using Talend if not I hope Talend should consider this scenario and
provide some new components or some workaround.

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Re: Single ETL for different database

Hi Manoj
Although Talend for DI contains general JDBC components which can load JDBC-DB jar dynamically for different DBs, I still think you'd better create an unique job for each DB.
Because the sql queries of these DB are different, which may cause unknown error.