Simple tMap Oracle input - Oracle output example?

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Simple tMap Oracle input - Oracle output example?

I have one table in one Oracle schema and a second table in a second Oracle schema. As a first try, I want to map fields on the first table into the second one. I have used tOracleInput, tMap and tOracleOutput to do so. Right clicking tOracleInput I have drag and drop it in the tMap component. Up to here, everything fine. When I try to drag and drop from tMap, to the OracleOutput component, it tells me that the input is invalid. It doesn't take the output schema so I have to re-type all the output columns to give them the correct name (it repeats the input field names in the output part).
How could I do this mapping? Any video available?
Thanks in advance

Re: Simple tMap Oracle input - Oracle output example?

Hi spr655,
 What's the build version you are using? Could you please give us more detailed steps to repro your issue and show us your current job design screenshot?
Best regards
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Re: Simple tMap Oracle input - Oracle output example?

Dear Sabrina,
I have created an tOracleInput, then configured it to access the table database. Then, I have created a tOracleOutput, with the necessary parameters to access the table in the database. As third element, I have integrated a tMap component in between the elements. This tMap did contain the correct column names of the tOracleInput table, but in the right side, it contained the same column names, not the ones from the tOracleOutput table.
I am using Talend Open Studio  V5.6.2_20150508_1414.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Simple tMap Oracle input - Oracle output example?

In Output give another schema credentials properly..

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