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Simple data loader - File & DB Compare

Talend newbie - inherited a system and need to make some changes.
The job takes an XLS file and inserts into a staging table in DB. I need to modify the job so it compares the file and table size and alerts if all data in file is not in the table.
I know there is a tFileProperties component, can get the file size into a global variable etc, but not sure how I can do a compare of the 2. 
What is the easiest way to do this?

Re: Simple data loader - File & DB Compare

Have you tried to compare the total number of  proceed records to see if all data in file has been inserted into DB?
Usually, we use Nb_LINE  is used to count the total number of records have been proceed.

When inserted item is choosen, there will be a global variale such as ((Integer)globalMap.get("t<DB>_1_NB_LINE_INSERTED")) will be avaible, which counts the total number of records have been inserted into database.

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