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Signature/Oauth token


How to generate oauth token/signature for any webservice if we wanted to fetch the social networking data..
or is there any step which automatically calculates the signature and oauth token with the proper input..
Please let me know

Re: Signature/Oauth token

Are you referring to OAuth10 ? This is where one would typically generate a signature. OAuth2 Bearer token is a simple token which does not require a signature given the OAuth2 requirement to use HTTPS for the bearer tokens. You can use a bearer token right now with tRESTClient, go to tRESTClient/AdvancedProperties, add a new HTTP header, "Authorization", with the value "Bearer " + theaccesstoken.
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Re: Signature/Oauth token

Actually we have different types of socialnetworking/sites data
1) Linkedin
2) Facebook
3) Youtube
4) Ooyala
5) Twitter etc..
-> For facebook we require accesstoken without expiring or if it expires automatically it has to get refreshed is there any step to generate like that ? for example suppose if i want like inbox/posts/friendlist data from the facebook how to generate an accesstoken using talend is there any plugin which generates accesstoken without expiring.
-> For linked in,twitter,youtube i think we need oauth token to fetch the data. How can we generate oauth token using talend components after generating how to get the data? If there is any possibility can you send me the code/screenshots it helps me a lot
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Re: Signature/Oauth token

Any suggestions for the below post...